Zack Snyder Now that ‘Justice League‘ has finished shooting, it seems that Zach Snyder will not be jumping directly into ‘Justice League 2’ as originally been planned. Instead, Warner Bros/DC has opted to go with Ben Affleck’s solo ‘Batman’ film, giving room in his schedule for Zach Snyder to jump into an older project of his, ‘The Last Photograph,’ which has been idling while he has been involved in large big budget blockbusters.

‘The Last Photograph’ is a film about a war correspondent in Afghanistan who is the sole survivor of an attack on a group of Americans, who eventually teams up with a special ops soldier in search of a family member, hoping to score the story of his life. It is notably different than a lot of what Snyder has been working on recently, and while he originally had Christian Bale and Sean Penn attached to star back in 2011, now the project has no leads, meaning that Snyder basically has to start from scratch.

Of course, the big question for me is, what does this mean for Snyder’s work in the DCEU? He cannot be happy to be bumped for Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ film, especially when he is trying to prove himself on these ‘Justice League’ films following the spectacular (in the eyes of most, although I will admit, not all) failure of ‘Batman V Superman,’ and I cannot help but feel this might just be the precursor move to Snyder’s exit from the DCEU entirely. As in contractually he had to finish ‘Justice League,’ but Warner Bros wanted him out, and now that he is ‘taking a break’ they are going to find a graceful way to “retire” him from the franchise and he can claim he wanted to “take a break” to work on more personal projects like ‘The Last Photograph.’ It’s just a theory, but one I could see happening considering how things have been shaking up over at Warner Bros recently, and the fact that they seem to be placing all of the blame for the current state of the DCEU on Snyder’s shoulders.  If I were in Snyder’s shoes, at this point I might want out anyway, being tired of the lack of support from Warner Bros, and fan criticism, which I am sure has got to wear a guy down.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the DCEU and Snyder’s role in it? Would you be sad to see him go? Do you think this is just a temporary hiatus for him and then we’ll see him back for ‘Justice League 2?’ Share your opinions on the matter in the comments below!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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