Last year, Global Experience Specialists, Inc along with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, Lightstorm Entertainment, and Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. announced that they would create a traveling exhibit that would bring the world of Pandora from James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ (and the upcoming sequels) directly to you. But now it’s finally ready for our world to see.

Earlier this week, ‘Avatar: Discover Pandora’ opened it’s doors in Taipei, Taiwan and for those of us that can’t make the trip to it’s opening weekend, we have our first look at this entertaining and educational interactive showcase that hopes to bring people to appreciate Earth by spotlighting the Na’vi culture and their world as seen in the 2009 Academy Award-winning film. First, here’s a gallery of pictures from the premiere of the exhibition: 

For a more in-depth look at everything that ‘Discover Pandora’ has to offer, we also have this behind the scenes video along with an outline from the press release of the different things that visitors can expect to see:

Featuring captivating settings such as the Hallelujah Mountains and Tree of Souls, as well as life-sized recreations of creatures including the Banshee, Direhorse, and Viperwolf, visitors to ‘Avatar: Discover Pandora’ will be able to experience the science and wonder of Pandora firsthand. The dynamic guest experience will allow visitors to:

  • Enter an exhibition curated by the Pandoran Research Foundation where they will leave the 21st century behind and step into the 22nd century world of the ‘Avatar’ franchise
  • Learn about space travel and the history behind the discovery of Pandora in the Alpha Centauri solar system
  • Explore recreations of Pandora’s most compelling environments showcasing its unique plants and animals and what they can teach us about our own planet
  • Engage in interactive activities based on the culture, language and music of the Na’vi, the nine-foot-plus-tall humanoids who are the indigenous people of Pandora
  • Experience the jewel-like glow of Pandora’s bioluminescent plants and animals
  • Interact with banshees, learn to operate an AMP suit, picture themselves as part of the Avatar Program
  • And more!

As cool as this all is, it somewhat fails in comparison to what Walt Disney World has planned for ‘Pandora: The World of Avatar’ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But for those ‘Avatar’ fans that can’t wait for that awesomeness to arrive (and if you’re in the vicinity of Taiwan), maybe it would still be cool to check out. 

Source: /Film

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