While ‘Star Trek Beyond’ received critical acclaim the world over, it didn’t fair well at the box office and the continuation of the cinematic take on this classic franchise has been in question, until now. With the previous installment only making $345.5 million worldwide on a $185 million budget, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a sequel in today’s filmmaking experience, but out of the blue, Simon Pegg is dropping hints that another film was in the works.

While we knew the idea of the film would happen according to J.J. Abrams and that somehow Chris Hemsworth would be back to reprise his role as the deceased Captain Kirk’s father, no word has come from where it might be in development. No director has been attached to the project and with 3-4 years in between each installment so far it almost seemed like we might have awhile before the next one.

Thankfully on Twitter, Pegg has teased that he and his co-writer Doug Jung from ‘Star Trek Beyond’ were up to something together and it was Bad Robot related. You can check it out in the image below!

While it is always possible that the duo is working on another Bad Robot film, it would seem unlikely that it would be what they’re working on. Of course, with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay having previously been announced to be working on the script, it’s hard to tell what is really happening here. Are these two reviewing Payne and McKay’s script? Has the writing reverted to them? Is this actually unrelated and we’re just speculating? Chime in below in the comments on what you think is happening here!

Sources: Screen Rant and Cinema Blend.

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