One of the more fun aspects of ‘Doctor Strange‘ was when he learned that there was a multiverse and was sent through various realms, however, it would appear that particular scene was originally 7 minutes long. While I love what director Scott Derrickson had visually done with the film and would be curious as to see what else Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange saw on his trippy visit through the multiverse, I have to say a full 7 minutes of it in the theater might have been a bit much.

Details of this extended scene have come forward from visual effects supervisor Stef Ceretti and one can only hope that it shows up in a deleted scene or extended version of the film.

According to Ceretti:

“The Magical Mystery Tour was a bunch of lines of The Ancient One telling Strange that the world that he knows is just a little piece of the world that really exists, so we tried to tie visuals to all these beats… There were tons of other things that didn’t make it in the script, with relationships with his past. The Magical Mystery Tour was seven minutes long! You can’t describe it with words. And that’s been the problem all along, there was no way to write it in the script. It was a visual script that we did. I put together a reel, and then we put it together with concept art, the pre-vis guys put it together with concepts I’d taken and made a story out of it. The editor came into the process early before we started to shoot. That doesn’t happen so much. We started to edit the Magical Mystery Tour before the other sequences of the film. So we had the editor editing the film before we shot it!”

With the extended scene having actually been created it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that when the film is released on Blu-Ray that it will be one of the included gems of bonus material.

Would you love to see more of the multiverse from ‘Doctor Strange’? Do you think it was a wise decision to cut it down a bit for the theatrical release? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Screen Rant

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