According to Deadline, there is another big Frank Miller work looking to be adapted by Warner Bros, this one being the 1990 three issue graphic novel ‘Hard Boiled,’ which follows the adventures of a suburban family man/ insurance investigator who finds out he is really a homicidal cyborg tax collector who just happens to be the last hope for an enslaved robotic race. If the reported deals end up going through, Ben Wheatley (of ‘High Rise,’ ‘Sightseers,’ and ‘Kill List’ fame) will be directing in his first major studi0 film, bringing along with him Tom Hiddleston, who starred in Wheatley’s ‘High Rise’ (not mention his major roles in the MCU). Insiders say adapting this graphic novel is a perfect choice for Wheatley as his other films are known for being exceptionally violent, trippy, and stylish, all of which is going to be needed to pull off of concepts like those involved in ‘Hard Boiled.’

As for the production companies involved in the development of the film, ‘Hard Boiled’ will be a co-production between Solipsist Films and Hollywood Gang with Stephen L’Heureux, Bernie Goldmann and Gianni Nunnari, a lot of whom were involved in other Frank Miller comics adaptations such  as ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,’ ‘300,’ and ‘300: Rise of an Empire.’ Since those were not exactly the best of the Frank Miller adaptations over the years I am not sure what that means for ‘Hard Boiled,’ but at least it seems they are going to get the right director for the job, as he is very big right now, especially after his latest film, ‘Free Fire’ debuted to critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Are you excited for a live action adaptation of ‘Hard Boiled?’ Or do you think Frank Miller’s work is too difficult to bring to life and should live in the comics? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Here’s the official synopsis for ‘Hard Boiled’:

Carl Seltz is a suburban insurance investigator, a loving husband, and devoted father. Nixon is a berserk, homicidal tax collector racking up mind-boggling body counts in a diseased urban slaughterhouse. Unit Four is the ultimate robot killing machine – and the last hope of the future’s enslaved mechanical servants. And they’re all the same psychotic entity.

Source: Deadline

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