A meddling mother, real estate wars, and a fallen angel still not ready to accept his newest lot in life…and, of course, only one person can find himself in the middle of it all (and more) than Lucifer Morningstar.

We actually get to see Chloe let loose for a bit and have fun.
We actually get to see Chloe let loose for a bit and have fun.

Picking up on some of the developments from last week, Lucifer is trying to convince Amenadiel on the position that LA is his home and the place to be. But the recently fallen power is on his mother Charlotte’s side; return to the Silver City, aka Heaven, no matter the cost. Though Amenadiel continues to wallow in his own headspace of ineptitude, Charlotte’s putting her immortal cunning to use, prying both Dr. Linda and Detective Dan for information on her son and how to get him on the ‘Return to Heaven” train.

While his mum’s on the hunt for her son’s weakness, Lucifer’s home comes under fire when Dean Cooper, a decidedly duplicitous real estate mogul and the man who owns the land on Lux is built upon, is murdered. Cooper’s death sets off a chain of events where Lucifer has to fight to keep his home. Throughout season two I’ve been looking for a change in Lucifer’s behavior or circumstance that would foster character growth and, over the last few weeks, it seems like the Lucifer writing gods have put things in motion to do just that. There have only been a handful of occasions that we’ve seen Lucifer laid bare, vulnerable. The threat of having the only place where he’s ever felt at home taken away is nearly as powerful as his meltdown last season when his wings were stolen. But despite the sense of peace he has with Lux as his home, Dr. Linda points out the biggest connection Lucifer’s made to the city, one past all the drinks, drugs, and debauchery.

Chloe Decker.

It's only a matter of time before Amenadiel and Maze get back on that 'shipper train.
It’s only a matter of time before Amenadiel and Maze get back on that ‘shipper train.

From the beginning, we’ve known that Chloe’s role in Lucifer was integral, especially when one considers that it’s only around her that Lucifer is vulnerable. Dr. Linda, who has seen both sides of the Morningstar (in more ways than one!) has continually challenged Lucifer into looking past the façade he so loves to play behind and examine the real person within. Early on in ‘Homewrecker’ she makes the point that most people come to Los Angeles because they are running from or looking for…something. Things come full circle at the end when Lucifer, thanks to Chloe’s ingenuity, won’t have to worry about losing Lux to the whims of a real estate feud.  He can’t get past the idea that Chloe did something so selfless, not expecting anything in return. Dr. Linda explains it to him but, more than anything, brings into the light his own journey and how his adventure into LA was because he was looking for something and yet he’s stopped because maybe he’s found it in Chloe.

Lucifer responds as we’d expect: with disbelief and the need for reflection. Said time alone interrupts what would have been a thank you dinner with Chloe. He leaves her waiting which, unbeknownst to him, leaves Chloe right in Charlotte’s crosshairs and, the moment before we fade to black, Charlotte’s ready to blow the unsuspecting Chloe to Kingdom Come.

Post Script

  • If I had to summarize the primary theme of “Homewrecker” with one word, it’d be trust. The entire procedural aspect of the show involves the hiring of a ‘Professional Tempter’, for those who do not trust their employees, spouses, or soon-to-be in-law. It not only plays on Lucifer’s history throughout time but Dr. Linda’s observation on why he’s kept his true face hidden from Chloe. He’s afraid that what’s between them would not be strong enough for Chloe to see past his true identity and, despite his cavalier ways Chloe’s opinion means the world to him, even more than that of Dr. Linda’s.
  • Despite the heavy undertones of trust and finding one’s home, the hour wasn’t completely without levity. In one of the more—to quote Maze—“I did not see that coming” moments we’ve ever had on the show, Charlotte and Dan find themselves in bed, familiarizing themselves with one another in the most carnal of ways. Of course, this is after Charlotte squeezes information from Dan regarding Lucifer’s relationship with Chloe.  The currency their dalliance has created for future episodes (especially once Lucifer finds out) is worth the price of admission in and of itself.
  • Finally, it was good to see Maze and Amenadiel together again. Though it wasn’t in the romantic sense, their conversation and body language while spying on Charlotte’s meeting with Dan was rife with such a relaxed chemistry (mostly due to Leslie-Ann Brandt’s wicked grace) I can’t but help to ‘ship them. All they need is something to push them over that “working through something” barrier both find themselves in at the moment.

 Lucifer: “Homewrecker” –3.5/5 pitchforks