In the second issue of the ‘Death of Wolverine,’ we left things off with Logan being severely broken and battered and Kitty Pryde having come to save the day! Injured, back against the wall and Lady Deathstrike coming in to deliver the killing blow, how can Kitty of all people stop her?

How about by threatening to solidify her hand somewhere that Deathstrike’s healing factor won’t be able to save her? Apparently Kitty has just had the kind of year, what with going through space, losing a few loves of her life, losing Xavier, and having changing feelings about all of her friends just to make that kind of a decisive decision.

Once again Charles Soule is handling things in this comic so much better than I had expected. I had almost no hope that an event to kill off Wolverine, especially after the horrible last run of the character could prove to be entertaining. Yet, each issue has been delivering a solid story and pulling in a ton of fun new twists. Most of which I haven’t really seen coming! Also for fans of the series you are going to love the references for both Claremont’s and Miller’s take on the character from years back.

While I couldn’t see the series ending ithout taking a trip to Japan, I do have to say that I am so amazingly glad that Steve McNiven was able to illustrate it. From the peaceful yet deep moments speaking with Kitty to the action – it was all beautifully illustrated and wonderful to see.

What was interesting about this issue is that it was full of action, lies, falsehoods, and misdirection which would all feel more at home while he was fooling around as Patch yet still fit so well for what we read here. This has been a great way to give Wolverine a send off by not only leading up to his legacy on others but how his life has shaped him into the man that he is today.

My complaint? I have two of them. There is a save the day for Wolverine scenario at the beginning of the issue that could be duplicated throughout the run here and he passes on it. While I understand Wolverine wants to be able to die now, passing on this temporary solution seems out of character for someone on a quest to make sure his friends are safe. Also, there is a scene witht Logan in some absolutely amazing Samurai armor. It looks great and stands out amazingly visually, only he seems to change into the armor in about 5 seconds flat. He might be the best there is at what he does but that’s never included putting on armor at Quicksilver’s speed before.

Once again Soule and McNiven deliver in style. How will Wolverine die? Who will deliver the finishing blow? I want to find out more than I thought that I would. I have a feeling I may have a gripe with who ends up delivering the final nail in Logan’s coffin in the next issue. I really hope he does it justice.


Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Steve McNiven