On ‘The Flash’, ever since Barry mucked with the time stream, things haven’t been quite right with Team Flash.  One of the biggest changes is Caitlin’s discovery that she has icy powers, just as her Earth-2 doppelganger did.  But of course that version of Caitlin used her abilities to become the villain Killer Frost.  Could the same terrible fate befall the Caitlin fans know and love?

Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin dished a little on what fans can expect to see from her character:

I don’t think it starts out as a split personality. Caitlin is trying to figure out how her powers work, how to use them and the consequences of them, so she starts coming from a good place in using them to save Barry. Then, if you look back to the beginning of The Flash, Barry didn’t know how perfectly to use his powers, and Caitlin too is struggling with how best to use her powers.

The powers insider of her, to me, I imagine it’s a bit like an addiction. It’s something that’s bad for her, and she knows it’s bad, but it feels so good that she has a lot of trouble turning away from it… Inherently there is a good person inside of there, but she’s being tested, and it’s an incredible challenge.

As for how the rest of Team Flash responds, Panabaker stated:

They’re all going to have very different reactions and struggle with what’s happening. Some of the people on Team Flash don’t have quite the same history as someone like Barry or Cisco do. Barry and Cisco’s instincts tend to try to help Caitlin as quickly as possible and get back to the person who is inside of her — that true good person that we know — whereas perhaps I think some other members of Team Flash are a little more skeptical and a little more wary of Killer Frost, particularly after some of them saw the Earth-2 Killer Frost.

Caitlin is struggling with these powers, how to cope with them and how to handle them. In a lot of different ways, she needs help from her friends, so she does get help from friends — both Team Flash and you’ll see her ask an old friend for guidance as well.

‘The Flash’ airs on The CW at 8pm EST.

Will Caitlin stay on the side of the angels or is she fated to become Killer Frost?

Source: Entertainment Weekly