Marvel Comics X-Men are back in a big way right now, and what better way to celebrate their return than with an all new wave of Marvel Minimates based around one of the most popular X-Men of all time, Wolverine? Our friends at Diamond Select Toys have given us an exclusive first look at their upcoming Marvel Minimates Series 72, which should be hitting stores next spring and includes some highly demanded versions of your favorite characters, updates on previously released characters, and a few characters that have never before been made as a Minimate!

As we mentioned before, this wave is based around Wolverine, so it’s comprised of four Minimate figure 2-packs! Included in this wave are Weapon-X Wolverine with Lady Deathstrike, Ninja Attack Wolverine with a Hand Ninja, The Silver Samurai with a Hand Ninja, and our first ever Mojo Minimate with Spiral!

Marvel Minimates Series 72 Wolverine Comic Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys Release! Wolverine is the best he is at what he does, and his enemies aren’t bad at it, either! This all-new assortment of Marvel Minimates is based on the rich comic book history of Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, and features four different two-packs: Weapon X Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike, the first-ever Minimates of Mojo and Spiral, Ninja Attack Wolverine vs. a Hand Ninja, and the Silver Samurai vs. a Hand Ninja! Each 2-inch mini-figure features up to 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts, including removable helmets, armor and weapons! Each 2-pack comes packaged in a full-color window box.

2-Pack SRP $9.99/ea.

Estimated release date: Spring 2017


Considering that this is the 72nd series of Marvel Minimates coming from Diamond Select Toys, it’s probably safe to say that it won’t be the last as this line is going stronger than ever! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Marvel Minimates Series 72 this coming spring!

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