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There was a HUGE twist close to the end of the Season 11 premiere of ‘The X-Files’ that has been years in the making and almost no one had seen coming. Sure, digging around online you can find a few people who thought about it over the years but nothing so concrete as to destroy the surprise as it smacked us all in the face. Chris Carter opens up a bit as to how this was planned long ago.

Obviously the truth is out there in spoiler territory so if you haven’t had a chance to see the episode yet and somehow missed the big reveal online you should head back now.

It is starting to make sense when Carter previously said that they were “taking the show’s mythology to a new place.”

So, Mulder and Scully‘s lovechild William is actually the son of Scully and The Cigarette Smoking Man. Way back in Season 7 when the two shared a road trip, it was hinted that she passed out and that something happened but it was never made clear what. Now, we’ve learned that The Cigarette Smoking Man always seemed to have had an affection for her and used alien technology to impregnate her with his seed to create the first alien made superhuman.

With Agent Skinner now in the know and apparently not telling the truth to our favorite agents, it seems that there are suddenly a lot of balls in the air. We don’t know if Skinner has somehow been convinced to switch sides, we don’t know how Mulder or Scully will react when they know the truth, and we don’t know what else this could mean.

Carter spoke about why it was time to tie things back to “En Ami,” the episode where this all happened:

“I’d always imagined revisiting it. I’d been thinking about it since Season 7. Parentage was something that I had wanted to have a question mark around it. That incident in that episode, I knew we would revisit since it was such a remarkable episode in that Scully was momentarily in league with Cigarette-Smoking Man. So it was sweet for me to be able to connect that dot from so long ago.”

This alone is a lot to take in just from the episode but Carter wanted to explain why he felt that sharing who William’s father actually was is the right choice:

“I think it makes total sense. The Cigarette-Smoking Man has affected Scully’s life in so many ways and not the first time her physical body. Originally there was an implant and there was an abduction and Scully’s actually been abducted, if you count them up, abducted eight times in this series. So he has been involved intimately in her life. This, though, is the greatest intrusion that we’ve ever told.”

Rape, even through the means of alien artificial impregnation is absolutely going to be the greatest intrusion. I can’t even imagine what this is going to do for the dynamic between the stars or what this will mean going forward.

Eagle-eyed observers might have noticed that the flashback scene was slightly altered though as to what ended up appearing on television back in 200. In the flashback in ‘My Struggle III’ it included that it wasn’t just The Cigarette Smoking Man who helped change Scully though but his housekeeper as well.

If you wonder if she could play a part in this though, I wouldn’t get my hopes up:

“No part! We don’t see her. This should say something about the Cigarette-Smoking Man and his trustworthiness.”

With this being different it could be hard to tell where this is going but it seems unlike Carter to just inject a line into a story from so long ago without it having some importance.

Were you shocked at how they handled Mulder and Scully’s kid? Do you think William will end up being the one who can finally take out the Cigarette Smoking Man? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend