What do you do when you are wielding a weapon foreign to your nature and you have a giant sentient planet attacking you? What do you do when your most powerful ally is captured and crippled? Do you stay and fight? No. I think you would probably make a hasty retreat, just like Guy Gardner and the other Earth Green Lanterns… or Multicolored Lanterns if you will, did in order to live to fight another day.

As the War of the Green Lanterns continues, our brave and bold heroes decide it’s time to form a plan. Save Mogo (the aforementioned sentient planet) or pull Parallax out of the Central Power Battery, thus freeing the Green Lanterns from Krona’s mind control (Mogo included).

Part Six of the War of the Green Lanterns continues the story of four Lanterns trying to find a way to save their friends and family. More importantly, it’s a story about four Lanterns looking deep into their souls to find a better part of themselves to control “Light” that is more primal and based in instinct than the Green Power they are accustomed to bearing. Writer Peter Tomasi expertly captures this struggle. Guy Gardner has a firm grasp on Rage, as he always has. Hal Jordan, whether he likes it or not, doesn’t just overcome fear; he is its’ master. John Stewart’s compassion is limited only by his guilt over past mistakes. Lastly, we come to Kyle Rayner, the Torchbearer and savior of the Green Lantern Corps, his hope for a brighter tomorrow shines but he is not ready to truly control hope; but he’s learning.

This was a really good issue and simple as that. We were treated to some really cool moments; seeing the Foundry where all rings and batteries are forged on OA. We were treated to a million year gallery of the Guardians past mistakes and secrets. Krona’s gauntlet made it’s return (under the control of Guy Gardner no less). Finally, we are introduced to Shedd, protector of the ring of the first lantern, loyal servant to the Green Lantern Corps, forever.

The real conflict from this issue comes in the form of differing agendas for each of Earth’s Green Lanterns. When the weight of the Universe is on your shoulders, you have to set your feet to get your bearings. All it takes is a moment or two to look around and make the right choice. And while all four of the guys originally set off on the path of majority rule, Kyle and John finally see the light and head off to save the heart and soul of the Green Lantern Corps. But can they save Mogo without getting themselves killed and before Hal and Guy are killed?

You’ll have to find all the answers to these questions and more when the War of the Green Lanterns continues in Green Lantern #66  on shelves this May.