Oddly enough, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is on a hot streak right now, as this week they had yet another solid episode, even with a shorter run time. I honestly think that changing the dynamic by having Sheldon and Leonard not living together, and also letting the guys have more screen time with just the four of them again is going a long way toward bringing the show back to its comedic roots, and they have also been doing a much better job of using the ladies this season, especially Amy.

bbt-amy-helping-sheldon-with-broken-footTonight’s episode revolved around Sheldon’s jealously as Bert, the weird geologist guy, won the MacArthur Fellows grant, giving him recognition for a brilliant paper he wrote, 500 thousands dollars he can spend on whatever he wants, and a plaque at the university, none of which Sheldon can handle. He cannot be cheered up by his girlfriend, his best friends, logic, nor by throwing a rock, especially not when he cannot throw that rock very far and he ends up smashing his own foot with said rock, followed by his kicking said rock in anger with his other foot, all of which causes Leonard to burst a blood vessel in nose from laughing too hard. bbt-sheldon-and-leonard-on-park-benchEventually Sheldon confronts Bert, who is so calm and cool that Sheldon cannot rattle him, not even over his former feelings for Amy (Bert feels he can do better than Amy now). In desperation, Sheldon does try to Captain Kirk karate chop Bert, which also does not work out well for him as he is not sure Bert even felt it, and his own hand might be broken.

Meanwhile Howard has unveiled a Dr. Stephen Hawking RC toy to Bernadette, who says the speaking toy with the glowing eyes is inappropriate. So Howard sets out to prove the toy is cool and not at all inappropriate. Raj agrees with Bernie, as do Leonard and Amy. The only one who thinks the toy is awesome is Kripke, which proves to Howard the toy actually is bad. bbt-howard-and-raj-show-hawkings-toy-to-othersHowever, toward the end of the episode, Amy, Penny and Leonard call Dr. Hawking himself to cheer up Sheldon, and Hawking tells Sheldon that he himself never won the Nobel Prize, which was always a little disappointing, but he consoles himself with the fact that he got to do other cool things like be on the ‘Simpsons’ and ‘Star Trek.’ Cheered up, Sheldon sings Dr. Hawking’s praises, and says he deserves to have statues of him around the world, to which Dr. Hawkings says he never understood why he does not have a small wheeled toy of himself out there somewhere. The gang decides it is probably for the best to not tell Howard about this.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Sheldon and Bert have joined forces to score tickets to ‘Ellen,’ where they sit in the audience and enjoy the antics of the talk show host, who apparently Sheldon had never heard of before.


bbt-amy-penny-and-leonard-watch-sheldon-read-paperSHELDON: (still upset about Bert’s award) Some “genius.” I zinged him with sarcasm and he didn’t even notice.
LEONARD: (making fun) I know! And it was the greatest sarcastic quip I’ve ever heard!
SHELDON: (missing the sarcasm) Well aren’t you a peach.

SHELDON: (reading Bert’s paper) Why? WHHHYY! (he turns the page) … Oh that’s why.
AMY: (commenting to Penny and Leonard while they watch him read) Sounds like the night we had coitus.

AMY: (as Leonard helps Sheldon limp into the room) What happened to you?
SHELDON: I tried to let go of my anger and threw a rock at my foot!
LEONARD: Then he got more angry and kicked the rock with his other foot.
PENNY: And what happened to you?
LEONARD: Oh, I laughed so hard I burst a blood vessel in my nose. It’s fine.

AMY: (after failing to get through to Sheldon) Anybody else wanna try? I’m gonna go make some tea and question my life choices.
LEONARD: (to Penny) You’re up.
PENNY: (yelling at Sheldon) This is getting old fast Delores! knock it off!!
SHELDON: Do you really think calling me names is helpful?
PENNY: I do! Your life is fine! You big baby!
SHELDON: (considers for a second) Maybe you’re right.

BERNADETTE: (to Sheldon) I can’t imagine you being violent.
LEONARD: It’s not hard, just picture the Three Stooges, and then take away two stooges…

RAJ: It’s a human emotion Sheldon. Everyone gets jealous. I’m jealous of Leonard and Penny, and Howard and Bernadette for being in such happy relationships.
AMY: What about me and Sheldon?
RAJ: (beat) ….Sure.

Like I said before, another very strong episode, and I am enjoying the momentum the show has going this season, and the interaction the characters have. Everyone is being used when needed, it does not feel like we are lingering on people or storylines just for the sake of having them in an episode, and all in all the show just feels like it is running much better than last season. In particular the Sheldon and Amy relationship seems to have hit a high mark and I think that might be why the show seems to be firing on all cylinders, as she seems to be hitting all the rights notes and enabling his character to be at his funniest this season. Whatever the reason, I am definitely looking forward to the next episode, see you back here then!


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