With the arrival of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 box set, of course, we finally get to see  the big DELETED SCENES from Season 6, scenes which somehow did not make the cut even in the many longer episodes that made up this season. While most of these “deleted scenes” are just extensions of already existing scenes showing off more character moments, an extra line or two, or a details that the editors felt were not that important to the overall plot, some things also were written and shot that were completely thrown in for the amusement of the writers.

One scene in particular that is on the deleted scenes is another Arya watching the ‘Game of Thrones’ play moment, only this time the writers seem to be poking fun at the critics of the series, especially those who say the series is too violent and uses too much profanity. In the scene, Arya turns to these critics and tells them “Why don’t you just go, then?,” which is basically the writers asking the critics why the hell they keep watching if they dislike these things so much. Clearly, it was indulgent for no reason in an already long season, and probably a smart scene to cut, but it is fun to see in the deleted scenes. The play scene is the longest part of the deleted scenes, as it shows off most of the play of ‘Game of Thrones,’ a lot of which is featured in the show, but it is fun seeing it uncut the way it is here.

Also featured in the deleted scenes is an extended scene featuring Jon Snow’s allies retrieving Ghost before his resurrection, a scene with Lady Olenna and Master of Coin Mace Tyrell as he returns to King’s Landing, announcing her new presence at the Small Council meetings, and berating her son for leaving for Braavos, thus allowing Cersei and the Sparrows to imprison Margaery and Loras without interference.  The deleted scenes certainly offer a little more insight into the season, but it clearly makes sense why they were cut, and for a series as dense as ‘Game of Thrones’ already is, it is amazing to see how much they actually do cut out of these episodes, and these are just the deleted scenes that they are releasing.

Check them all out for yourself below in the 11 minute video released, and then share your thoughts on the deleted scenes in the comments section!

Source: Screenrant

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