We FINALLY have confirmation that production has begun on ‘Young Justice’ Season Three.  Voice actor Khary Payton who plays Aqualad tweeted a photo with the caption “& we start once more for the fallen.”

That caption refers to one of the many cliffhangers at the end of Season Two, which was abruptly cancelled.  During the climactic battle, it appeared that Wally West/Kid Flash was killed.  But as we know, in the comics, Flashes have a way of escaping death.

Financed by Mattel, ‘Young Justice’ premiered in 2010 and featured a strikingly mature, dark storyline, that appealed to a passionate fanbase.  Unfortunately, this fanbase did not buy the toys and Mattel pulled the plug.  The show ended on another major cliffhanger, revealing that Vandal Savage and his team of villains had secretly been conspiring with alien despot Darkseid.

It has been rumored, but not confirmed, that Season Three will introduce new characters Raven, Starfire and Cyborg.  If so, that may be quite a coincidence as Payton also voices Cyborg on ‘Teen Titans Go!’ and numerous other DC animated projects.  He could easily do both voices, especially since they sound nothing alike.  (In live action, he just wrapped ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Seven, on which he appeared as King Ezekiel.)

It’s not quite clear what other characters will return.  As stated Kid Flash appeared to die, which may result in Artemis leaving the team.  She had previously left already to attend college.

Also Static joined, but reportedly Milestone comics is now independent of DC so they may not have the rights to him (or Icon or Rocket) anymore.

Are you excited that ‘Young Justice’ is officially in the works?  What would you like to see in Season Three?