Read the recap of Halloween, Part One first if you haven’t seen it.

This week sees the conclusion to the Halloween two-parter that ended with Ghost Hayden showing up at the Harmons’ door from her grave beneath the gazebo in the backyard. Zachary Quinto’s gay interior decorator Chad is back and as snark-tastic than ever, and Violet is treated to a glimpse of Tate’s history. Who knows if she’s going to like what she sees.

The episode opens with a view into what happened to Violet while Ben and Vivien were at the hospital at the end of last episode. Larry’s at the door demanding his money, and Violet backs fearfully away up to where we can see the Rubber Man over her shoulder. But then she turns away, and sees Tate waiting there to take her out on their date. And then we’re back into how last episode ended with Hayden at the front door. Ben races into the kitchen and grabs a knife to get her to leave, but Vivien comes in and says she wants him to move out. This leads of course to Ben shouting that he’s not going to give up on the family.

Outside, Ben finds Larry hanging around the house and beats the ever-living crap out of our burned friend. Mr. Harmon demands to know what Larry’s playing at working with Hayden to extort money from him, and Ben makes the mistake of thinking that Hayden’s still alive. Larry laughs in his face and, in response to Ben’s death threats, begs for his own death so he can come back and haunt Ben too. But Ben doesn’t and instead simply throws him to the ground.

Tate and Violet are making out on the beach in front of a fire, and Tate goes a little bit cuckoo after Violet says she wants to have sex with him. Violet starts to leave, but Tate pulls her back in and starts talking about how he hated high school. Suddenly a group of dead teenagers show up and confront Tate but he doesn’t remember them. One girl even has bullet wounds in the side of her head. Hmm … could it be that Tate’s fantasy about shooting up his school wasn’t a fantasy?

Back at the Harmon home, Vivien calls Hayden and reveals that she too was in love with a married man once. Hayden keeps on her message of asking Ben about Boston, and says that he found something in her that he will never find in Vivien again. Vivien hangs up in a fury, and right before she heads to the tub we see the mirror and ASK HIM written in the condensation. Vivien races downstairs shouting that Hayden’s in the house and she wants to call the cops. Ben talks her down, saying that having 10 cop cars in front of Murder House on Halloween will not be the best way to sell the house.

Then of course Ben does the stupid thing and goes down into the basement. I mean, really? You live in a mega creepy house and you go into the basement? Anyway, he finds creepy Hayden saying she likes it when he says her name. And then she calls him closing the door in her face rude, right before she begs for him to kiss her and do other sexy things. Oh yeah, and then she coughs up body parts and starts shouting about being buried under a gazebo. Larry knocks out Ben, which allows Hayden to get back up into the main house and take a nice long bath to clean the blood off herself. Meanwhile, Vivien goes outside to confront the tricksters who’ve been shattering the pumpkins and finds our angry gay friend Chad. He confronts her and declares that she ruined his Halloween, right before he tries to force his way into the house.

Vivien finds the family dog barking its head off at a room lit on fire by our pal Larry. Meanwhile Hayden calls her on the phone again and apologizes; first she talks about bubbles, so Vivien runs to the bathroom. Then we hear an ominous “Come here girl,” and then an even creepier “I wasn’t talking to you.” Vivien races downstairs to a kitchen where nothing’s out of sorts except kibble on the floor. And then whatever’s in the microwave goes kaboom all over the inside. Vivien screams, thinking her dog’s dead.

Violet meanwhile confronts the dead teens that followed her and Tate from the beach. They get in her face, mocking her, and they realize she has no idea who they are. Then the jock demands that she look up Westfield High because “they’re kind of famous.” Tate comes out and runs from them. They follow, and Violet races inside to call the police. Then Constance grabs her, and says to come over to her house because now Addie’s dead and it’s all Violet’s fault.

Vivien’s back up in the bedroom and hey, the dog’s OK! Hayden finally makes her appearance to Vivien’s face, and says they have to talk about Boston and the pregnancy. Vivien is stunned, thinking Hayden knows she’s pregnant. Hayden realizes Ben wanted her to get an abortion because he already had Vivien’s baby. So the crazy dead mistress shatters a photo frame and hefts a shard of glass. Ruh-roh, Raggy.

Larry is spreading gasoline through the living room by this point, when Chad shows up and demands to know what he’s doing to the house. Flip back to the basement and Ben’s tied up and knocked out. Then we hear a voice demanding to know if that’s all the fight he has in him. Turns out Nora Montgomery refuses to allow another failure to happen in the house. The ghost of Nora unties Ben and whispers “save the baby” in his ear. Ben races upstairs just in time to stop Hayden from cutting into Vivien to rip the baby out. He then reveals that he saw Hayden twice, so yes the child she carried was in fact his. And now Vivien’s trust in Ben is even further shattered … but then Morris Chestnut shows up as the security guard to save the day by pointing his gun at Hayden. Yeah, pointing your gun at a dead woman is sure to help the situation.

Violet is at Constance’s house, where she listens to the Horror Show Queen talk about Addie’s death by car in the last episode. Constance shows real love for her daughter in this sequence, and Violet is sympathetic in a very good way. Also — holy shiz Tate is Constance’s son!! — totally did not see that coming. Constance tells Violet that Tate must not know he’s her son, and declares that her boy is sensitive and doesn’t have any of the steel needed to withstand the world.

The dead teens confront Tate at the beach, and the Goth girl asks if he believes in God. Apparently, Tate asked her that right before he shot her dead. Then the cheerleader comes down and demands that he say what he did, but Tate keeps insisting he doesn’t know them. She reveals that she was supposed to be 34, which places the school shooting that Tate performed in roughly 1995. Perfect timeframe for Kurt Cobain and Quentin Tarantino.

The sun’s coming up, and we see all the ghostly residents of the home coming back to Murder House. Chad walks with Moira and Patrick, while Nora keeps ahead of them and the dead girls from episode two follow behind. A good deal of information is revealed in this sequence, offering a nice little window into Murder House. Hayden is being driven to prison, but she won’t arrive there because that’s right — she dead. Oh and she vanishes right when Morris opens the door of his cruiser to pull her out. The final scene is Ben kissing Vivien on the forehead right before he moves out. And oh my good lord are things never going to be the same.