HBO’s ‘Westworld‘ has been garnering positive reviews and thankfully for fans the ratings have matched it as the series was just picked up for a second season! This shouldn’t come as too much fo a surprise to those who have been following the series but television can be a fickle thing and thankfully HBO is seeing a strong return on their investment here as the show really has been a creative reboot of the movie that is fitting for the social climate of today. It will be limited as to what we get though as the second season will also only be a 10-episode run and won’t be out until 2018.

Why the delay? Apparently, the scale of the second season will have the park closed for renovations for more than a year. Likely it is the scope that will be required to realize the showrunner’s vision is part of what will be delaying the next season from shooting.

Also, with how much of what is really going in still shrouded in mystery it would be painful to anyone watching to not get more of a follow-up. Theories are running about on what is actually going on but there is so much still to explore here.

There is no world that we’ll be seeing the second season explore any parts of Michael Crichton’s film such as Roman World or Medieval World but there is always a chance that could happen as well. With so much still to explore with ‘Westworld’ though I wouldn’t expect to see anything past teasers of these at this time.

Of the show’s showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, HBO programming president Casey Bloys says that:

“Jonah and Lisa great storytellers. I didn’t know exactly what to expect in season two. And what they came up with is as exciting, mysterious and as fun as season one. And completely original, as well.”

As to if we’ll see any major shifts any shifts in direction for the second season it sounds like we’re safe if you loved how the first season is as:

“We’re happy with the directions all shows are headed a the end of their seasons and into their second seasons. I wouldn’t look for any major changes.”

Are you happy to hear that ‘Westworld’ will be around for a Season 2? Are there any areas that you’d love for them to focus on going forward? Share your thoughts below!

‘Westworld’ will return to HBO for a second season in 2018!

Source: Collider

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