Game of Thrones dragon

Forget winter, ‘Games of Thrones’ fans can’t wait for July. Season seven draws close and HBO is in full promotion mode with the release of a striking set of character posters and a second trailer.

The trailer depicts a season more snow heavy than previous, confirming the long-held threat of winter’s arrival. This is held in contrast to various scenes of fire, be it from dragons or human warfare. It’s awesome, dramatic, and comforting in its predictability. Every major character is touched upon in the trailer and they are all behaving as expected. Littlefinger is literally lurking in the shadows, for God’s sake. Sansa in voice or appearance bookends the trailer. Expect her to play a big role this season.

The posters are pretty clear about the primary conflict this season. They feature the main characters like Daenerys, Sansa, Jon Snow, and Tyrion in a blue, icy tint with the reflection of a White Walker in their eye. They kind of look like they are in some stage of hypothermia. It’s nice to see that characters like Mr. Giantsbane and Theon Greyjoy are also featured in these posters, confirming a continuing, if not larger, role for them.



‘Game of Thrones’ comes back to HBO on July 16.