In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to connect to public figures. Your favorite writers, artists, directors, actors, and actresses are all on social media for the most part and depending on their level of willingness, every day could be like a comic con panel where they answer our questions. Some people make it easier by organizing an Ask Me Anything forum. Made popular on Reddit, it’s exactly what it sounds, although many will opt to do this on other sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. The latest to do one of these digital Q&A sessions via the last option was none other than Joss Whedon and the fan-favorite filmmaker addressed a number of different topics spanning his entire filmography and then some.

Earlier this week, the creative mind behind ‘Firefly’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘Cabin in the Woods’, and many more beloved films and TV shows took to a specially made Tumblr to interact with the people of the internet. He answered questions, commented on the election, and dealt with trolls, but there were a few messages that stood out as particularly interesting. For example, he addressed two of the biggest criticisms from ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ by discussing Hawkeye’s family and Black Widow’s “monster” comment:



A hallmark of Whedon’s work has always been badass ladies. During this session, he also engaged in some fantasy warfare between two of his most popular characters to see who would win if they ever faced off:


I’m sure that fans of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ will have plenty to say about this, but he stuck with the hypothetical Buffy battles by speculating about what would happen if the Sunnydale Slayer took on the new President of the United States, Donald Trump*:


Finally, Whedon left the people with a message about celebrating community in the difficult world that we live in. It’s a pretty deep note to end something like this on, but it’s never a bad thing to get people thinking:


What did you think of Joss Whedon’s answers to some of these questions from his fans? What would you ask him if you had the chance? Let us know in the comments below.

*It’s crazy that I actually had to type that sentence.  

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