In ‘The Walking Dead‘ comics we know that Rick had lost his hand and in the most recent episode it was teased that Carl might instead. While it didn’t come to pass one might wonder if they could be setting this up for Rick to actually lose it or, instead, put the suffering directly on Carl as one of Kirkman’s long-standing regrets is taking Rick’s hand. While just the threat of Rick having to cut off Carl’s hand broke him and allowed his son to be safe it was recently posed to Robert Kirkman, how safe is the hand going forward?

Kirkman was asked just that very question by Chris Hardwick on ‘The Walking Dead’ and his reply?

“There were a lot of variations that were discussed, and we’re not ruling it out for the future.”

So if living with one eye weren’t bad enough it is being teased that he might also follow in the comic version of his father’s footsteps and end up one handed as well. Thankfully, Negan was merciful and was only willing to take Carl’s left hand once he learned that the young Grimes was right handed. Well, Negan does like those who work for him to be productive and that would have lowered Carl’s ability to help out so this was probably more of a practical decision.

While the special effects team had once shot down that a lead character could lose their hand that might not be the case with Carl who doesn’t have quite the same amount of screen time as his father.

Do you think that Carl’s hand is safe on ‘The Walking Dead’? Could Rick’s still be in danger? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Walking Dead’ airs on Sundays at 9/8 central on AMC.

Source: Cinema Blend

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