jetset-la‘Jetset L.A’ is a new short horror film which is both written and directed by Colin Lawrence who has a solid track record of short films behind him and this one has been taking the indie circuit by storm and has played at the Burbank International Film Festival and will show at the Bram Stoker Film Festival this Halloween in England. The short stars Rachel Amanda Bryant, Sean McBride, Kevin Reich, Tara Bopp, Dan Mason, and Tiffany Sutton. The premise itself is simple as the synopsis states that the film is about “A young couple decides to stay in a bed and breakfast during their first big trip to Los Angeles, unaware that a sundry of horrors awaits them.”

This was ten minutes of my  day that I have to say I would happily give again. In it, we have characters who don’t know the area they are in or the people that they meet. The couple’s hosts at this bed and breakfast instantly give you the vibe that something is off about them and for such a short period of time to deliver, Lawrence is able to pack one Hell of a punch by solid pacing. Being able to deliver such a build up in such a short amount of time shows us that Lawrence is a director to look out for and the actors in his film all will hopefully be faces that we continue to see in the future.

It is hard to talk about what is so fully effective and evil about the owners who are hosting our young couple but their appetites for creepiness and unsettling remarks and mannerisms leave you wondering and when the full weight of what the young couple has gotten themselves into is finally revealed it is just too late for them to make an escape.

Visually this film truly stands out and the eye for detail helps to deliver us new chills on a concept that almost any horror fanatic has seen in some form or another in the past. The professionalism shown in the pacing and visuals helps to deliver on the premise and really makes me want to see what could be done by Lawrence on a full-length feature film.


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