AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead‘ has had a long history of basing the show off the source material but also making it it’s own though that is about to change according to executive producer Greg Nicotero. It seems like the introduction to Negan and what stems from it will be following some of the major plot points from Robert Kirkman’s comics for a change. Whether this means it will be Glenn or someone else entirely biting the big one at the end of Lucille this Sunday is a totally different story.

“There are some great moments from the comic books that we’re going to get a chance to experience. To me, it feels like we may be a little closer in nature to certain beats in the graphic novel than we have in the past, but that could just be my interpretation of it.”

This was about the season in general and not which characters will be dying. We’ve already heard that a second one will also be killed off so there will be some changes. That being said, the upcoming season has some major story arcs that fans would probably love to see mirror that of the comics.

With future arcs including ‘March to War’ and ‘All Out War’ there are some large story arcs on the horizon to be adapted. Also, we’re getting Shiva brought into the mix and who doesn’t like the idea of a giant tiger hanging out?

One interesting thing to keep in mind is that after Alexandria and future groups which are being introduced go to war with Negan there is a rather large time jump in the comics. I’m thinking we might see some of this missing time explored with completely original stories though only time will tell.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming season of ‘The Walking Dead’ or have you moved on from the neverending zombie apocalypse? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Walking Dead’ returns to infect AMC for a seventh season on October 23rd, 2016!

Source: Comic Book

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