There has been a slew of incidents where people have been dressed up as clowns this year across the globe and in Whitehaven there is now a Caped Crusader who is dealing with this public menace. Children in this UK Community have been having problems sleeping due to nightmares over the clown phenomenon so the local costume company called Superhero Cumbria have hired one of their employees to handle the problem. His new job is to dress up as the Dark Knight and patrol the streets to put children at ease that Batman is on the case.

I mean let’s be honest, from all of his years battling The Joker who else but Batman should be tapped to deal with this clown menace.

A representative from the company told BBC Cumbria that:

“We heard a lot of reports of kids being scared and not wanting to go to sleep, and Batman is what a lot of kids look up to. So we thought it was only in our duty to try and prove to the little ones that it is safe and Batman is out there looking for these clowns.

Talk about a perfect marketing gimmick. Still, if it helps kids sleep at night this is one I’m all for!

You can check out the BBC report of this new hero below:

While this has been an epidemic in Whitehaven you have to wonder if we’ll be seeing similar vigilantes popping up in the United States as well with how many reports have been trickling in. Having started stateside in Greenville, South Carolina the sightings have since spread to Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, California, Texas, and more. While some of these jokers have been put behind bars it seems as if the Clownpocalypse is only beginning with Halloween right around the corner.

Do you think that Batman is the right choice to take on these clowns? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Uproxx and Collider.

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