america-1-coverOver the past few years, one of the most popular panels at any convention has been the Women of Marvel panel. At this year’s New York Comic Con, it was definitely no different as the room was packed with True Believers that were excited to hear the latest news regarding the ladies of the House of Ideas from Content Development Director Sana Amanat, Producer Judy Stephens, Social Media Manager Adri Cowan, ‘Black Widow: Red Vengeance’ writer Margaret Stohl, ‘Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur; writer Amy Reeeder,  ‘Unbeatable Squirrel Girl’ artist Erica Henderson, Marvel Netflix series costume designer Stephanie Maslansky, and Themed Entertainment Coordinator Kelsey Damassa.

The panel discussed a number of things including Luella Lafayette being the smartest person in the Marvel Universe, the future of Squirrel Girl (which includes a a “middle grade novel” written by Shannon and Dean Hale), the relationship between Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, and the all-new ‘Hulk’ book starring Jennifer Walters. However, the biggest news regarding a Woman of Marvel at NYCC had to be the revelation that ‘Young Avengers’ standout America Chavez would be receiving her own solo comic series simply titled ‘America’. Created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta for the ‘Vengeance’ mini-series, the LGBT Latina teenager with superhuman strength and the ability to travel between dimensions gained popularity in the acclaimed team book launched in 2013 from Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matt Wilson before moving on to appear in ‘A-Force’ and ‘Ultimates’. Though no release date has been shared at this time, Marvel did reveal that McKelvie and Wilson would provide covers to the series before unveiling the cover for the first issue.

Interestingly, Casey and Dragotta recently announced their new Image Comics title ‘All-America Comix’, which features a character named America Vasquez that looks remarkably like Miss America. Could the lack of creative team for ‘America’ and the vague release dates for both books be connected? We can’t really give an answer either way, but as the story develops, let us know what you think about America Chavez getting her own comic in the comments below.

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