How often have you watched your favorite movie or television series, only to see them chowing down on some of the most delicious looking food that only seems to exist in their world? Somehow, animated food always just looks way better than most foods we see in real life, leaving us with only our imagination to decide what kind of magical flavors are hidden within them. Last year at New York Comic Con 2015, the teams at Fandom and Wikia brought some of our wildest dreams to life with their Fantasy Food Truck by providing us with some of our favorite imaginary foods from cartoons and video games including the Cookie Cat from ‘Steven Universe’, Mabel Juice from ‘Gravity Falls’, Greedy Milk from ‘WarFrame’, and the ever popular Nuka Cola from the ‘Fallout’ video game franchise. This year, Fandom is back for more with a whole new wave of treats from our favorite films and animated series with their Fantasy Food Truck at New York Comic Con 2016! We were lucky enough to be able to sample a taste of each of this years offerings and bring the rundown to you back here!14642709_10157635592555252_1522753434_n

This years offerings were decided through a series of voting over on Wikia, and the four semi finalists were brought out to New York Comic Con 2016 for people to try for themselves! The fantasy foods that made the cut this year included:

  • Pitt Cola from ‘Gravity Falls’
  • Together Breakfast from ‘Steven Universe’
  • Pawpsicles from ‘Zootopia’
  • Yoyle Cake from ‘Battle For Dream Island’

While all of these treats were brought to life amazingly, we know that not everyone could be there to try them in person at the Fantasy Food Truck during New York Comic Con 2016, so we’re here to give you a rundown on all of this years treats and give you an idea on how to make them for yourselves at home to enjoy your own Fantasy Foods!

Together Breakfast from ‘Steven Universe’: The Together Breakfast offered by the Fantasy Food Truck was both awesome and a little disappointing. Awesome, in that it was well thought out and put together with a great combination of flavors, but disappointing in that there wasn’t more of it! The Together Breakfast provided by the Fandom Fantasy Food Truck featured tiny waffles sandwiched around an oatmealy-flavored cream center. This was then topped with a gummy strawberry with a few pieces of popcorn on the side for garnish.This was probably the most elaborate of all of the Fantasy Food offerings this year, and tasted phenomenal! It’s a little bit harder to make at home because we aren’t sure just what went into making these tiny waffles or the scrumptious creamy center of the sandwich! Still, it shouldn’t be too hard to put your own spin on this snack to make your own original Together Breakfast at home!


Pitt Cola from ‘Gravity Falls’: Pitt Cola might be one of the more simple Fantasy Foods made this year, but that is in no way a bad thing! That just means it’s that much easier for you to make at home an enjoy yourself! Pitt Cola has essentially a generic Cola taste, except there is something slightly different about it that was a little difficult to pin-point. We noticed that floating in the bottle was a large round object (the ‘Pitt’ of Pitt Cola) that we later determined was a milk chocolate truffle! This would explain the extra flavoring in the cola itself. So to make your own Pitt Cola at home you’d pretty much just need a glass of any generic cola product and a milk chocolate truffle to drop into your glass. Let the truffle sit in there for a little bit so that some of the chocolatey flavor blends with the cola itself to give it a bit of a chocolate malty flavoring. Pitt Cola was super delicious!


Pawpsicle from ‘Zootopia’: This one might have been the weakest entry on the list of offerings for this year. That isn’t to say it was bad (because it really wasn’t!), so much as it was just kind of generic. ‘Zootopia’s Pawpsicles were brought to life in the form of fruit juice frozen into a paw-print shape. It was literally frozen juice pops. It tastes like they used a nice combination of cherry and raspberry flavoring for these, so making these at home should be super simple once you find a paw-shaped popsicle mold! Even though they were kind of boring, the Pawpsicles still made an excellent treat!


Yoyle Cake from ‘Battle For Dream Island’: Unlike the Yoyle Cake in ‘Battle For Dream Island’, this delicious treat won’t turn you into metal after you eat it! It will leave you filled with joy though, which is a pretty sweet side effect! The Fandom Fantasy Food Truck’s rendition of Yoyle Cake is comprised of a a nice creamy filling sandwiched between small purple and green cakes with tiny crunchy hard candy balls on the sides! Yoyle Cake is another one where we aren’t quite sure what went into it, but it came out delicious! The cream was kind of vanilla-y, and the cake itself was pretty generic tasting- although this isn’t a bad thing because it was still delectable. You could probably make this at home with some food dye and some nice fluffy icing! The candy on the sides would probably be the most difficult thing to copy, as there isn’t much out there that they are comparable to. They are kind of like larger bright orange versions of the tiny candy beads you would find on nonpareils. The Yoyle Cake was a nice break from the normalcy we experience with our everyday snacks, and definitely a pleasant surprise!


At the end of the day, we know that this wonderful Fandom Fantasy Food Truck event comes but once a year at New York Comic Con, but with each passing year the fantastical Fantasy Foods keep getting better and better and are definitely worth the wait! What Fantasy Foods are you hoping Fandom brings to life for next years Fantasy Food Truck? Let us know in the comments below!


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