New York Comic Con 2016 has come to a close for now, but don’t worry! If you missed out on the con then you’re in luck, because Team ScienceFiction was on site the whole weekend at The Javits Center in New York City to bring you pictures of some of the best Cosplay to be seen at any convention all year! Whether you’re an amateur or a professional cosplayer, there’s room for everybody in our Round Three Cosplay Gallery from New York Comic Con 2016!

Check out our full Round Three Cosplay Gallery from New York Comic Con 2016! We’ve got a ton of your favorite characters from all across the various fandoms!

apocolypsex-menThe X-Men Apocolypse Team

april-oneil-shredder-baxter-stockmanApril O’Neal, The Shredder, & Baxter Stockman



atatAn AT-AT

batman-familyHarley Quinn, Batman, Bane, Robin, & Poison Ivy

carrie-kelly-robinCarrie Kelly Robin


constantine-thorConstantine & Thor


diva-plavalagunaThe Diva Plavalaguna

doctor-doom-and-the-qitch-queenDoctor Doom & The Witch Queen

fantastic-fourFantastic Four



hawkeye-psylockeHawkeye & Psylocke


kickass-crewHit Girl, Kickass, & Big Daddy

leeloo-dallas-2Leeloo Dallas

magneto-and-mystiqueMagneto & Mystique

molah-ramMola Ram

mr-meeseeksMr. Meeseeks

nightwing-and-robinNightwing & Robin

oracle-nightwing-black-widowOracle, Black Widow, & Nightwing

phantasmThe Phantasm

powergirl-superman-kingdom-comePowergirl & ‘Kingdom Come’ Superman

red-hood-and-nightwingNightwing & The Red Hood


reverse-flashReverse Flash

sif-scarlet-witchLady Sif & Scarlet Witch

spidermenSpiderman (Spidermen?)

summer-beach-catalog-xmenThe X-Men Swimsuit Special



Vault Boy & Vault Girl


Wonder Woman


The X-Men


Arrowette & Wondergirl

That wraps up our Cosplay coverage for New York Comic Con 2016! Be sure to check out Round One and Round Two if you haven’t yet for all of the rest of our Cosplay Galleries straight from the con floor!

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