Dark Horse has long been known as THE comic book publisher when it comes to the dark and gritty titles. Some of what they’ve been famous for in the past are the ‘Alien’ and ‘Predator’ titles that have received acclaim from fans the world over. They were really able to flesh out the characters and worlds found within both universes. They were so popular that when ‘Aliens vs Predator’ was first announcement there was a LOT of excitement about the project.

That is, until they decided to release what they did and not put out anything based even loosely on the comics. Smooth move guys. Smooth move.

Still it doesn’t change the fact that Dark Horse puts out great things when it comes to this universe. While Prometheus didn’t garner a lot of new fans to the franchise from the film’s release it did have a good plot. It just wasn’t executed well.

Now though? It looks like some news has come from San Diego that Dark Horse is going to be putting both characters and concepts from ‘Prometheus’ into it’s ongoing ‘Aliens’ series.

From the sounds of it we’re not going to be getting a ‘Prometheus’ comic book, so to speak, but maybe a bit of the transition of how the film turns into ‘Aliens’.

So this is all a guess’ but I’m thinking we’ll likely be seeing the android as one of the primary characters and finally some more information on the other aliens who have mankind’s destruction in mind. Possibly a few references to Weyland with the tie-ins from the movie being so prominent.

It also sounds as if they already have an artist with a deal inked to be putting this together but no official word on who it is. We’ll see, though, as I’m sure we’ll hear more official word on both the artist and some of the plot concepts once Comic-Con hits!


Source: Bleeding Cool.