The current season of Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ has introduced the world to a Ghost Rider that we love so much that we’ve even been able to forget those horrible Nicholas Cage movies. So it should come as no surprise that there is a new rumor that he might be getting his own show. The best part is the source of that rumor is from the new Ghost Rider himself, Gabriel Luna! Luna was recently speaking about the character and when asked if it could happen it seems that the studio is very interested:

Luna was recently speaking about the character and when asked if it could happen it seems that the studio is very interested:

“There’s been rumblings about that. It depends on how much you [the fans] love it. If you love it, we’ll make it.”

Not only that, but he went into detail on what he’d like to see in the series if it did happen and it all involved with staying on the West Coast:

“What happens if we go out West – palm trees, beaches, and bikinis?.

“You got this kid from Hill Rock Heights who is a legend in his neighborhood. — As more people become aware of him, what happens then? I think there’s a lot of bad dudes that we can clean up with the Ghost Rider on our side.”

Of course, a Marvel stand-alone series would probably need some team-ups and Luna is all about that:

“In the first [comic] run, he didn’t meet up with any other character. He meets up with Totally Awesome Hulk [in the second] which is sweet. I love The Hulk. He was my favorite growing up. – Just the fact that Ghost Rider can even go toe-to-toe with The Hulk is saying something. So, I’d like to see that.”

Luna is clearly a fan of the Hulk as he has mentioned him in past interviews as well. If you follow through his current and past interviews, it is obvious that if he wasn’t a fan of Marvel’s comics in the past that he’s been heavily reading up lately enough to know the characters and the culture. Speaking of the culture, when it comes to the fans:

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive. I stayed off the Internet when I got the joab because half the people were stoked there was going to be a Ghost Rider. The other half are purists, and people don’t like change – I understand that you know?

“There was a lot of unrest early, but I knew what we were doing was worthy.”

Clearly, the studio has made the right choice of not going with Blaze for the Spirit of Vengence and I’m very interested to see if Robbie Reyes is going to go that route or if we’ll find something closer to his comic origins being how he came to be.

You can watch the interview with Luna right here!

When I first heard that the Ghost Rider was being revisited I was skeptical but Luna not only has a handle on the character but of what fan expectations are and he is nailing it.

Now as exciting as that is, we’ve already seen what happened with Marvel’s ‘Most Wanted’ which had a pilot shot as well as ‘Agent Carter’ getting cancelled far too soon. With the CGI budget that this show will need, we’re going to have to see some serious fan reaction to the character for this to be a reality.

Would you be thrilled to see ‘Ghost Rider’ have a stand-alone series? What aspects from the current or past Ghost Riders would you like to see on the small screen? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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