Following recent events, Henry and Abe mourn the passage of Abigail at the hands of Adam, who only did so to provoke Henry to take action.  After scattering her ashes, Henry pledges revenge and it looks like he is falling into his enemy’s ploy.

Meanwhile, a historical conservationist by the name of Blair Dryden happens upon a mysterious knife among the relics and accidentally cuts herself with it.  The next day Jo and other officers find Blair’s body in the park with a multitude of cuts and contusions.  While investigating the office of the deceased Henry comes across the box the knife, called a Pugio, was housed in and learns of its dark history.  It is said to be one of the many knives Julius Caesar was stabbed by and the very weapon Adam is searching for so as to secure his immortality.  The reigning theory is immortals can only truly be ended by the very weapon in which they were first killed, and thus Henry is given both the identity of the killer as well as the first bits of a revenge plan.

While this new information Henry talks with Abe, who tries his hardest to steer his father from this course to no avail, though he does lock up the pistol Henry first died by in a fit of panic.  Jo continues to follow the trail of evidence by interviewing a local expert of bladed weapons Blair consulted with, as well as the victim’s fiancé.  This leads the duo on a rabbit chase around the killer that is further hindered by Henry directly trying to divert Detective Martinez efforts.  It is not long before she catches on to something being eschew, which leads to a fracturing of their friendship just as Adam begins to close in.

Despite their best efforts, Adam has taken the pistol and is eager to use it to end Henry and secure his own immortality.  Their showdown in an abandoned subway tunnel leaves Henry shot and bleeding out of what could be his last life.  But his breath does not abate before he injects a syringe into Adam’s skull, seemingly taking his revenge.

Moments later, Adam’s theory is proven incorrect as Henry is reborn once more and reunited with Abe.  It is revealed that Henry’s actions against his enemy has left Adam locked in his own body, unable to communicate but hear everything around him and stuck in an existence arguably worse than death.

Jo had discovered Henry’s watch down in the tunnels, and this leads her on an investigation that makes her question many things about Henry.  The episode closes with her confronting him with a photo taken long ago and Abe urging him to ‘tell her’.

Whether he will straight up answer her or continue on a destructive path of ill-advised actions remains to be seen, but perhaps the bigger question is if there will ever be enough substance and interest to continue telling of the lives of Henry Morgan.