It seems like almost everything comic book writer Mark Millar creates finds it’s way to the big screen. ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ have gone on to earn some acclaim with moviegoers and warrant sequels. ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Old Man Logan’ are currently at various stages of production. And back in January, it was announced that his creator-owned series with artist Leinil Yu titled ‘Superior’ had been picked up for a cinematic adaptation and brought on Brandon and Phillip Murphy to work on the script. Since then, things have been quiet on that front, but a recent social media post from the writer has changed that.

After seventeen years of being called “Super Cena” because of his tendency to be unbeatable, it sounds like WWE Superstar John Cena might finally get his chance to play an actual superhero. Over the weekend, Millar took to Twitter while watching he was watching Amy Schumer’s ‘Trainwreck’ and decided that the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion would be the perfect leading man for the film version of his story about a 12 year old boy with multiple sclerosis who wishes to become his favorite comic book movie superhero when he is granted one wish by an alien monkey.

john-cenaAs much flack as Cena gets for his limited wrestling move set and being WWE’s version of Superman, it’s hard to deny that he’s been very funny and extremely entertaining at various points throughout his career. Like Hulk Hogan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin before him, it’s not surprising that the leader of the Cenation has recently been testing the waters of an acting career. Though he’s been in various WWE Studios productions since 2006, he has appeared on many people’s radars after his hilariously memorable breakout roles in ‘Trainwreck’, ‘Daddy’s Home’, and ‘Sisters’. And now he’s even getting gigs to host ‘The Today Show’, ‘The ESPYs’, and the Fox reality show ‘American Grit’. Should he land the lead role in ‘Superior’, it would be his first time starring in a movie that wasn’t specifically made with the WWE Universe in mind.

Though I may not be a fan of John Cena as wrestler, I’m inclined to agree with Millar in his casting choice here. This project sounds right up his alley as an actor since he can showcase his comedy skills and his physicality in a role like this. Hopefully the studio and everyone else involved in making this movie feel the same way. But what do you think Cena starring as Simon Pooni in ‘Superior’? Do you think he’s a good choice for the part? Let us know in the comments below.

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