‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Suckerpunch’ actress Jena Malone may… or may not have been cast in Zack Snyder’s ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’.  She was photographed alongside Snyder at the Michigan set for the tentpole film, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she was cast.  After all, Snyder directed the actress in ‘Suckerpunch’ so maybe she was just in the area and was paying a visit to her friend.

Then she posted this, to her Instagram:


Drastic times call for drastic measures.

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Okay, so maybe the actress just felt like a change, or maybe she’s taking on a different role in a different movie.  We don’t know yet, but the two photos being released so close together maaaaaaay indicate that she has been cast in ‘Dawn of Justice.’

The red hair could indicate that Malone will be playing perhaps two characters from the Batman universe, either Carrie Kelly, the futuristic Robin from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ or Barbara Gordon, the classic and current Batgirl.

There has been talk that Nightwing will factor into the movie, although there has been no casting news on that front.  (Then again, this movie is being kept really hush hush.)  But if one former Batman partner factors in, why not another.

Snyder’s take on Batman is rumored to be very influenced by ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ so Carrie Kelly would make sense, but in the original comic, Carrie was 13 years old and Jenna Malone is 29.  Of course, the creators of the film may take liberties with the source material.

Carrie Kelly is the possibility most people are jumping on, but I think Barbara Gordon might be a more likely option.  Though she goes by BatGIRL, the character has always been portrayed as an adult.  Then again, she could also be playing Barbara at a different age, as the iconic Oracle, one of the few disabled characters in comics.  After being shot by The Joker, Barbara hung up her cowl and was wheelchair-bound.  Using her photographic memory and computer expertise, she became the ultimate hacker and information broker to the DC pantheon of heroes.

Unfortunately, like everything involving this movie, nothing is clear.  They’re keeping everything under wraps, even though filming has already begun.

Do you think Jenna Malone would make a good Carrie Kelly or Barbara Gordon?  Which role would you like to see her in?

Source: Cinema Blend