AMC loves to tease clips for their popular shows by hiding them in the commercial breaks of newer shows they’re trying to promote. This was especially annoying when exciting ‘The Walking Dead’ clips were snuggled in between painful segments of ‘Comic Book Men,’ prompting tons of watchers to scream at their TVs: “AMC, Stop trying to make ‘Comic Book Men’ happen! It’s not going to happen!” And also occasionally: “I mean, do these guys change clothes ever, or did they film the entire season over the course of one day?”

This time, they snuck in a teaser for Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’ during an episode of ‘Low Winter Sun’. Don’t get me wrong. AMC’s new show with ‘Walking Dead’ alum Lennie James and ‘Breaking Bad’ favorite David Costabile, does look to have potential, but maybe AMC should choose their battles and balance anticipation with a bit more payoff.

Take a look at the clip.

I’m just going to say it. This clip was disappointing, and we must be missing some context. Not only was this teased before ‘Low Winter Sun,’ AMC brilliantly stuck it on the end bumper of ‘Breaking Bad’ as a “Stay tuned,” and if I had watched an entire new show just to see ‘The Walking Dead’ Season One levels of foolishness, I would be pretty upset with AMC’s crying wolf.

Michonne is the tough samurai warrior whose skills with a blade come in even handier than the rest of the group’s sharpshooting, since her silent strikes don’t attract any more zombies. So when she hops off her horse and gets into an outnumbered elementary-school shoving match without even unsheathing her sword — which she had plenty of time to do while still on the horse several paces away — one has to wonder why she’s acting like this and, more importantly, why AMC chose this to be the prize you get for slogging through their new show. Like I said, it may be great, but I have ‘Orange is the New Black’ to catch up on! I haven’t even finished ‘Firefly,’ because I’m letting it age like a fine wine! If I’m going to add a new show into the rotation, don’t make me resent it by dangling a rotten carrot in the middle as a reward.

I am still looking forward to the fourth season as much as I ever was. The clip shown during Comic-Con reflects a different group — one completely capable of surviving the zombie apocalypse and simply living in a world with enemies using the same precaution one has to grab an umbrella on a rainy day. Perhaps in context this clip will be much more moving. But AMC should at least tease things that are exciting even as a standalone clip, not with eye-roll-inducing rookie mistakes.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns to AMC on October 13.

Source: MTV Geek