Brad Bird

Fans have been relentless in asking Brad Bird if a sequel to ‘The Incredibles’ was ever going to happen. And now, a decade later, they are finally getting their wish! For those waiting on sequels for other favorite animated films, however, may continue to be disappointed. Bird recently shared his strong thoughts on making sequels to his other Oscar-winning Pixar film, ‘Ratatouille,’ and the ‘Iron Giant.’

Regarding ‘Ratatouille,’ Bird said:

“You know, I feel like that story is told.”

Bird continued, saying:

“I’m told I need to do an ‘Iron Giant 2’ and I’m told I need to remake everything that I’ve made and no one apparently wants anything new anymore. I’m a little at odds with society on that. I would like to do some new things.”

Bird spent several years on ‘Incredibles 2,’ and it seems that is the end of the road as far as sequels go:

“This did [turn out well]. But you’re welcome to take a crack at a ‘Ratatouille’ sequel. I feel like I’ve done my ‘Ratatouille.’ I’ve done my ‘Mission: Impossible’ and I’ve done my ‘Iron Giant.’ And that’s that. I’m not mad about it but it seems like it’s the only thing that people want now is for you to repeat what you just did.”

So, while he may be somewhat against the idea of reinventing the wheel, Bird admits that the public’s obsession with sequels is not all negative, saying:

“Well, it’s nice. It’s complimentary. But it kind of reminds me of when my boys were little and I would give them a push on the swing and they’d go ‘Again!’ It’s a sweet thing but it’s also, from an artist standpoint, it’s a little frustrating. Like what if I want to do a Western? Would there be any support for that idea? What if I wanted to do a musical? How about that? You know, it’s like—there are other things to do.”

‘Incredibles 2’ opens in theaters on June 15!