It seems celebrations are in full-swing now for the 50th Anniversary of the beloved ‘Star Trek’ franchise, as the official birthday for the series was September 8th 1966, the day the first episode of the Original Series premiered, titled ‘The Man Trap.’ The franchise has grown since then to include 6 live-action TV series (including the upcoming ‘Star Trek: Discovery’), 13 movies, an animated series, and many books, comic books, and of course, years and years of conventions filled with dedicated fans. ‘Star Trek’ is a household name even if you have never even seen an episode or a movie, and it has been referenced and spoofed in hundreds of ways over the years, especially its iconic moments/lines like the ‘Khaaaaaan!!!!” scene from ‘The Wrath of Khan.’

To celebrate the anniversary, we had already been gifted with ‘Star Trek Beyond’ this year, which took time in a busy plot to mark the anniversary, and also all of the news about the live-action series coming to CBS All-Access in January of 2017. Now, although admittedly on a much smaller scale, Paramount has released a 50th Anniversary video which, using the epic theme to the new Kelvin Universe movies, shows off some of the highlights of the franchise from the past 50 years, including nods to the Kelvin Universe movies, the Original Series and movies back on the Original Series, and clips from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ Some might complain that there was no clip from ‘Deep Space Nine, ‘ Star Trek: The Animated Series,’ or ‘Enterprise,’ but it was a relatively short video celebrating the best of the series, and those shows might not be mainstream enough for general audiences to recognize.

Check out the video for yourself below, and then share your thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of ‘Star Trek’ in the comments below!

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