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There’s a lot riding on CBS’ ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ and while 13 episodes may not seem enough, the series will be getting some auxiliary help in its storytelling. During the Star Trek Mission Convention, Kristen Beyer (author of several ‘Star Trek Voyager’ novels who will also be on the writing staff for the new series) announced plans that companion novels and a comic series set to enhance the world of ‘Star Trek Discovery’ is in the works.

According to Beyer:

“We’re creating these in real time [with the show]. They’re going to support the story in a way we don’t normally have the chance to do.”

While not much was said about either venture, what was revealed is that David Mack will be writing the first novel in the series and that Mike Johnson will be working with Beyer on the comic side:


It sounds like Beyer has a great team surrounding her. Mack is well known for his literary contributions to the franchise having written over 30 ‘Star Trek’ novels and short stories. He’s even co-written a couple episodes for the series ‘Deep Space Nine.’ As for Johnson, those who have read the ‘Star Trek’ comics know the name very well as he just finished his run on the comic series ‘Star Trek’ and will be relaunching it as ‘Star Trek Boldly Go’ which will follow the events after ‘Star Trek Beyond.’ No word yet as who will hold the artistic mantle of the new ‘Discovery’ series, but so far having Johnson on board is a great start.

With the limited amount of episodes in the works, it’s easy to see why CBS/Paramount is going this route. Not only will it expand on their new universe by allowing more detail on characters’ background, but it will also serve as a means to touch on certain aspects of the story that might be glossed over or end up on the cutting room floor due to time constraints. And let’s be honest, it’s also a way for the franchise to make some money for those who don’t want to pay the monthly CBS access fee yet still want to be part of the ‘Discovery’ world.

Fuller has teased that ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will be set in the Prime Universe about 10 years before the 5-year mission that fans are familiar with from the ‘Star Trek’ original series and will be told from the perspective of the ship’s first lieutenant. It will also involve “an incident and an event in Star Trek history that’s been talked about but never been explored.” New worlds, new civilizations new takes on current events and social commentary, and now new novels and comics… are you ready to be part of the ‘Discovery’?

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