We’re living in an age of politically-correct everything, so sometimes it’s nice to see a company poking good-natured fun at another company without fear of having people get too bent out of shape about it.  Don’t get me wrong, people might still get bent out of shape about it – and almost assuredly will, because reasons – but that didn’t stop the company in question, Marvel, from throwing it out there and having a little trolling fun at the expense of rival comic-book company DC and their recent box-office failures (as well as poking some light-hearted fun at themselves, too).

spidermandeadpoola1Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man/Deadpool’ crossover series just completed a 5-issue story arc, so they decided to include a sixth issue that was totally just for fun and not attached to the previous story, either character’s canon, or reality in general.  In ‘Spider-Man/Deadpool’ #6, Deadpool enlists Spidey’s help when the Merc with a Mouth discovers that Hollywood is making a film about him (he assumes Spidey can assist since, as Deadpool puts it, “you know this world better than anyone – you’re a total sellout!”).

What follows is a meta-villain fight with “Salmon Stunt Man” that wanders through several other film & TV sets, including Marvel’s own ‘Daredevil,’ a Jurassic Park-esque film, ‘The Walking Dead,’ and more.  We also get brief cameos from Captain America, who simply screams “Hail Hydra!” in the background, and the X-Men Storm & Wolverine, who casually wonder why other Marvel superheroes “ignore” them here on the movie lots.  Ultimately, the studio decides that a Deadpool movie wouldn’t work (even if, as Spidey recommends, they cast a very specific actor in the lead role), so they opt to make a different film.

spidermandeadpoola3The film they movie studio makes is called “Nighthawk v. Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom,” and yes, Marvel puts it right out there that this is clearly a derogatory “Batman v. Superman” reference – complete with the film’s subtitle of “You Won’t Believe Their Mothers Share a First Name.”  Deadpool & Spider-Man go to see the flick and leave the theater thoroughly confused at what they just watched, with Spidey lamenting “Don’t worry about scenes that set up the next eight movies – just make THIS one satisfying!”  For the record, both Nighthawk and Hyperion are Marvel characters, created a long while ago as “answers” to Batman and Superman, respectively.

Check out some images from the comic below, and be sure to grab your copy directly from the good folks at Marvel – it’s on sale now!  Visit your local comic shop to grab an actual copy, or you can hop online and find the issue digitally as well.

Source: ComicBook.com

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