In what should be good news for fans of comedy and the ‘X-Files,’ it seems that FOX is currently at work producing a show called ‘Ghosted,’ which will star Adam Scott (‘Parks and Recreation’) and Craig Robinson (‘The Office’) in a comedic twist on the ‘X-Files’ formula. The show comes to us from the writer/Executive Producer of ‘That Awkward Moment’ Tom Gormican, who will serve as Executive Producer and writer on ‘Ghosted’ as well.

According to Deadline, who describes the show as a ‘Comedic X-Files’, in the show Robinson will be playing the Scully-type role as the cynical partner, while Scott will take on the Mulder-type role as the intelligent “true believer.” The casting sounds right on point as I can definitely picture both of these actors in these roles, and we know they already work well together based on their previous roles in ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2.‘ The series apparently follows the partners as they are hired by the “Underground Investigative Service’ to look into unexplained activity in Los Angeles.

The pilot apparently was hotly contested among the big networks, with FOX winning, according to sources, ‘In a very competitive situation with a slew of buyers.” All of which is a good sign for the upcoming show, which looks like it should be able to tap into both a comedic audience and one interested in science-fiction, as long as the scifi aspects do not come off as too cheap or corny.

What are your thoughts on this new series? Is it something you might want to watch? Share your opinions on the project in the comments below!

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