After recently winning two Saturn Awards, showrunner Bryan Fuller recently sat down and dropped some major spoilers for the upcoming third season of ‘Hannibal’. The show is easily in my top three series on television and Fuller has proven repeatedly to be very open on what direction he wants to take each season. So open that this interview with Shock Till You Drop is full of all kinds of fun spoilers for those who don’t mind knowing what to expect going forward!

First up is perfect for a fan of the novels. Previously Fuller mentioned that he would be taking in parts of both ‘Hannibal’ as well as ‘Hannibal Rising’ and mixing them into the next season which prompted to ask if we would see Dolarhyde, Mason Verger, and characters from Hannibal’s past all in a single episode?

“Absolutely, absolutely, and we will. We’ll definitely be seeing Murasaki. We’re hoping to see Mason Verger again this season. We are developing the Francis Dolarhyde story so that’s a very exciting thing for me because Red Dragon is my introduction into the Thomas Harris world.”

Some of the books might need some interesting adaptations to stick with a timeline that works with the story and Fuller had a great response with what they are allowed to do:

“Absolutely. We sort of have carte blanche in what we interpret and how we re-imagine it. We see ourselves as Thomas Harris mashup DJs and are able to basically spin tracks from different books with vocals from other books, so that’s the exciting thing about the show.”

With the timeline changing you may wonder how much of the novel ‘Hannibal’ we’ll see here even though it takes place much later in the books:

“There’s definitely stuff from the novel Hannibal that we are incorporating into the first part of this. We kind of mix it up in a way that, since we are telling a fugitive story now, after Red Dragon, because in the novel, once Hannibal guts Graham, he’s immediately apprehended. In our timeline, he gets away so we are pulling that story up. Then telling a different story when we get to that storyline after Silence of the Lambs.”

As certain characters have only been mentioned before (as production has to to rent the characters from the novels who aren’t regulars), does that mean Clarice Starling and Buffalo Bill are off limits?

“For now, we have to try to secure those rights.”

Which means we may see them down the line! Another question that was brought up was that since we’ve seen the flaming wheelchair already done with Freddie Lounds’s character, will Dolarhyde still use it?

“It might be Hannibal Lecter giving him the idea on how this woman who faked her death deserves to go out. That’s kind of the exciting part of when we get to that story.”

So we’ve got some great overall ideas of what we’ll see coming up if you have read the books. I suspect it won’t be too long until some season 3 promotional art starts to be released. Are you excited to see what Fuller will be showing us on screen? Have you been religiously following the series like I have? Share your thoughts below!