The third season of The CW’s ‘The Flash‘ is racing towards us and today the network has revealed a few very interesting images of what is to come. When ‘The Flash’ returns we already know that Barry Allen will be in a new world as “Flashpoint” is happening due to saving his mother in the past from dying at the hands of Reverse-Flash and things are going to be very different for our hero. In the pictures, we have a happy family, a few shots of Kid-Flash, and of course Reverse-Flash as well. There are a lot of hints here at things to come but just as much is still a mystery for the upcoming season.

First up we have quite the happy looking family reunion that has to have Barry in seventh heaven.




Next, up we have some shots of Flash but more importantly a great look at Kid-Flash! We have no idea if this hero will be around after the Flashpoint story arc comes to an end so let’s enjoy him here while we can.







Of course, this new set of pictures wouldn’t be complete without the villainous Reverse-Flash. Again, it’ll be a mystery as to what his role will be moving forward while Barry has him imprisoned.






So there you have it folks, a great look at our heroes and one of the villains for the upcoming season of ‘The Flash’. We know he won’t be the only villain and possibly not even the main one as The Flash will be going up against Captain Cold, Mirror Master, a new version of The Top, Magenta, Dr. Alchemy, Gorilla Grodd, and Zoom. It is still unknown if these foes will be showing up during the ‘Flashpoint’ story arc or when things return to a more normal version of The Flash’s reality.

In case you missed it we also had a brief promo for the upcoming season that we shared recently.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘The Flash’? How do you think that “Flashpoint” will play out in The WB’s universe? Do you think that Kid-Flash will still be around after it all plays out? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Flash’ returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016.

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