It looks as if Nancy wasn’t the only one who noticed that best friend Barbara Holland (Barb to her friends) has gone missing.  Local channel WIYZ’s Minute By Minute News and anchorperson Brenda Woods are seeking your help in locate Barb who is described as “loyal to a fault to Nancy.  The kind of girl who notices if you’re wearing a new bra.  And who could really rock a pair of mom jeans.”

In other news, Bradley’s Big Buy was struck by a shoplifter, who was described by witnesses as a “vagrant child” who is reported to have escaped with an “unprecedented number of Eggo waffles.”  WIYZ has acquired security footage of the perpetrator which you can see in the full clip below:

Trick or treat?  TREAT!  Netflix posted this parody news clip on Halloween on its Youtube channel.  Consider it a thank you to fans, who have made ‘Stranger Things’ one of the top shows on the streaming service, trailing just behind ‘Orange Is The New Black’, outpacing ‘House of Cards’, ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Jessica Jones’.  (It may have since been dethroned, however, since ‘Luke Cage’ actually crashed Netflix upon its release earlier this month.  Netflix does not reveal information about the number of streams its shows get.)

Naturally, a second season is on its way and will arrive in 2017, most likely in the summer around the same time as the first season debuted.  The show’s creators the Duffer Brothers have stated that the majority of the cast will be returning, with Joe Keery (Steve) and Noah Shnapp (Will) being bumped up to series regulars.  In addition, Dacre Montgomery (Saban’s Power Rangers) joins as Billy, the older brother of Max, played by Sadie Sink.

It has already been revealed that Season Two will offer “Justice for Barb.”  What that actually means remains to be seen.

Are you ready to head back to Hawkins, Indiana?

Source: Variety