We’re fans of Stephen King, Stephen Lang (‘Avatar’,’Conan the Barbarian’), and Batman here so when they all come together in one project, it seems like something that we have to share!

King is known to be a long time fan of The Caped Crusader and back in 2012 he wrote a short story which in a way featured his favorite superhero in a tale that only he could tell. ‘Batman and Robin Have an Altercation’ initially debuted in Harper’s Magazine in a collection of his other work but now you can hear the tale through the voice of Stephen Lang which was recently released on NPR’s Too Hot For Radio podcast and can be streamed below.

The story itself is about a man who is having lunch with his father who sadly is suffering from Alzheimer’s. While talking about their past the Dad, who keeps getting details wrong, talks about a Halloween where they went out dressed up as Batman and Robin.

As always with a Stephen King story, things aren’t quite what they seem.

You can listen to the full tale below!


The full audio is just over 40 minutes, though the story itself isn’t quite that long. If you want to jump right into the story itself you’ll want to jump to the 5:35 mark.

This is a perfect example of why King is such a huge fan of Batman. The character is just a man, a rich and intelligent man but just a man. The way he is weaved into the story is just first surprising and than downright amazing. It really gives a look at what a man thinks about his father who has always been and will always be his hero where we see the lead character in the role of Robin with his father as Batman.

Did you enjoy ‘Batman and Robin Have an Altercation’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book

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