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Nowadays it is refreshing to hear about a new movie going into production that is not a sequel, based on a book, TV show or comic, or a reboot of an older franchise. Which is why it is cool to hear that Rupert Wyatt (‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes‘) is returning to feature films after a brief stint working on ‘The Exorcist‘ TV series for Fox with an original story that he co-wrote with Erica Beeney. The new film is called ‘Captive State,’ and while we do not know much about it other than the fact that it is a sci-fi feature, we do know it is something original, which is enough to get us excited. As for who will get to produce the new movie, according to Variety the competition is pretty fierce:

“… a competitive auction is underway, with a mix of studios and financiers currently chasing the property. The parties involved expect a deal to be sealed before Labor Day weekend.”

In recent years Wyatt has also directed a film called ‘The Gambler’ which did not fair well with critics or at the box-office, but his success with the ‘Planet of the Apes’ franchise has got him some cred in Hollywood, especially since they are desperate for someone with an original idea that they can trust to deliver something marketable. Most likely the film will probably be smaller in scale as studios do not often throw a lot of money at unknown stories, but recent successes like ‘Ex Machina’ prove that even small budget sci-fi films can be fun and engaging (and get some award attention). Here’s hoping Wyatt’s latest film will be able to get off the ground and provide us with a decent movie in the near future, where I’m assuming we will all need a break from all of the super-hero movies coming our way.

Source: Collider

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