With San Diego Comic Con, there is always so much to see that it’s easy to miss a few things! This week to kick off the convention properly, our friends over on the team at Mezco held an early preview night to launch the convention in style and give fans and collectors a taste of some of the amazing products that we can all look forward to in the coming months!

While images are limited, Mezco showed off a number of new products for the very first time this week at San Diego Comic Con 2017 and things don’t look to be showing any signs of slowing down! We have our first look at a number of new figures in Mezco’s fan favorite One:12 Collective line of highly detailed 6″ figures, plus new Mini Mez-Itz, new Stylized Horror, and even a new Living Dead Doll for good measure! Here’s the rundown:

Living Dead Dolls

For their Living Dead Dolls line we’ve got our first look at the Halloween 2017 special release, Sweet Tooth! As always with the Living Dead Dolls line, it’s a beautifully crafted and horrifying morbid, yet still remarkably adorable. It looks like Sweet Tooth fits right in with the Halloween theme that she is based around, and she’ll make an excellent addition to the long running line.

Mini Mez-Itz

While this line may not be as popular as others, Mezco’s 2″ tall Mini Mez-Itz line continues on! Releases in this line seem to be few and far between, but for now, we can look forward to this awesome new ‘Justice League’ Mini Mez-Itz 4-pack! Included in this set at Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman! If you team these up with the Wonder Woman and Superman from last year’s ‘Batman v Superman’ set, you’ll be able to complete your Mini Mez-Itz Justice League!


Mezco Stylized Figures

Not too long ago Mezco launched their line of highly stylized horror themed figures! So far they’ve tackled fan favorites like Pinhead, Beetlejuice, and Sam from Trick’RTreat, and now they’re bringing one of cinema’s most iconic characters to life with Alex DeLarge from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’! Alex will come complete with his signature bowler hat and cane for a truly unique collector’s piece!

One:12 Collective

Mezco’s One:12 Collective line of highly detailed 6″ figures is arguably their most popular line (even though it’s still one of their newest lines too!), and it’s easily where Mezco has its strongest showing at SDCC! This year they revealed a number of new figures for this highly successful line, including new figures for both Marvel and DC Comics! In the world of DC Comics, we’ve got One:12 Collective versions of Catwoman and Batman Beyond coming our way!

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be excited to hear that we’re getting some One:12 Collective versions of some of the MCU’s greatest heroes! Later this year we can look forward to Spider-Man from ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ plus gladiator versions of Thor and The Hulk from ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘!

With all of this and more coming from Mezco in the next few months, the hardest part might be figuring out what to buy first! Stay tuned to ScienceFiction.com all this week for the latest news from San Diego Comic Con 2017!