American Horror Story

Once again we have a teaser for the sixth season of ‘American Horror Story‘ and once again have no idea if it actually for the upcoming season or not. Ever since the network dropped the bomb that only one of the multitude of teasers was going to be real means we have no idea if this was a quickly penned teaser for what is actually coming or just another fake commercial. Personally, I feel that this one is a little too B-Movie for actually making it into ‘American Horror Story’ but it could quite easily be a fun late night Syfy movie.

Until the very end of it at least.

The current teaser is titled “Blind Date” and shows us a blonde woman who is wearing a red dress. She is fighting against a sea monster and after they are both submerged, things start looking a little less straightforward as her hand clasps its tentacle.

Love. True tentacled love, probably actually deserves to be in hentai and not on FX or Syfy.

Aside from returning cast members, it seems like we won’t actually know what the season is about before it premieres as promised. We’ve seen monsters and a huge variety of other chilling scenes which may or may not make their way into the season.

Are you looking forward to the sixth season of ‘American Horror Story’? Do you think that this blind data might be the basis or will it be one of the other teasers? Share your thoughts below!

‘American Horror Story’ will return to FX for a sixth season on September 14th, 2016.

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