With the New Year comes new ‘X-Files’ and Fox is reminding us with new promos.

Fox recently announced the release of the entire original series on Blu-ray complete with remastered audio and video and all the supplemental material audiences could want going into the show’s six-episode revival in January. Until then, you can still prepare by streaming classic ‘X-Files’ on Netflix at a same or better quality than you’d get on DVD. You better start watching now if you want to catch-up. X-Files was nine seasons and 202 episodes. That’s a lot to marathon. Fox has also just released a poster for the show’s return to TV as well as a new trailer you can watch below.

The trailer references a possible revelation that puts the show’s past into question and focuses on the government surveillance US citizens face that wasn’t as much of an issue in the 1990’s when the show first aired. It will be interesting to see how creator Chris Carter can update the government paranoia from the concerns of decades ago to those of today.

The show is reported to still be a mix of grand government alien conspiracy and episodic cases that belong in ‘The X-Files.’ Examples of such cases revolved around vampires, ghosts, menacing artificial intelligences, and supernatural fungi. It will be hard to delve into individual cases while moving the show to a climax in just six episodes, but Chris Carter probably has a lot of ideas that he has wanted to explore in the time between seasons and it will be exciting to see what he brings to life. More importantly, it will be exciting to see Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) interact with the cases and with each other once again. Television has changed a lot since ‘The X-Files’ last aired. Audiences are better conditioned to follow plot threads through multiple episodes so however Carter goes about formatting the revival shouldn’t be an issue.

And finally, here is the revival’s promo poster: the silhouette of the returning conspiracy chairman, the Cigarette Smoking Man. I wonder if he’ll start vaping now.