midnight texas the monster of the week

“When every display of power you see comes with cruelty, you think the two are inseparable. They’re not.”

Still reeling from Creek’s decision to move away from Midnight, Manny finds himself in the middle of a ghostly affair between a former husband and wife now haunting the Crystal Spa. It’s apropos considering that “The Monster of the Week is Patriarchy” is all about relationships; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The chemistry between Manny and Patience was obvious; it’s only a matter of time before things happen between the two.

While Manny’s investigation into the lingering ghosts of Bruce and Carolyn Baker, former owners of the hotel that is now the Crystal Spa, drives the narrative forward, it’s also the least interesting storyline involving the primary characters though it does help Manny deal with his situation with Creek. As it turns out, Bruce Baker was a jealous man and, when he thought Carolyn was going to leave him, his obsession drove him to murder his wife. Even after killing her, he was unable to let her go, boarding himself up with her body and then killing himself. When Manny feels the depths of such obsession, he realizes that he needs to let Creek go and move on; what will be, will be.

In a similar uncertainty are the new married Lem and Olivia. Last week hinted that the psychic bond created when Lem saved her would become an issue. Aside from being an assassin who can kick major ass in her own right, Olivia is as independent as any character in Midnight. It’s in her nature to do things on her own and now she’s experiencing something she may not be able to handle. After a Crystal Spa employee dies during the vampire attack led by Dawnette, the couple realizes the impasse they are currently in. Neither has the capacity yet to combat their natural instincts, with Lem being in the more precarious position, considering that he has to deal with his own emotions in addition to Olivia’s. Their relationship has always had conflict but this may be something that even they cannot get past.

Kai seems to be a good guy but it sure seems he has sinister motivations.

The other primary couple showcased is Fiji and Bobo. Now that they are together and in that “new” stage, where every moment is about tearing one another’s clothes off, it all seems as if they may get their happily ever after. Fear not, drama fans, it won’t be that easy. Evidently, their physical intimacy is stirring up unknown forces hell-bent on causing Bobo serious injury. Fiji makes the decision to back off on their physical contact, determined not to let what happened to her college boyfriend happen to Bobo. Whether these forces are connected with whatever Kai’s doing or Fiji’s witch heritage remains to be seen, though it is most likely caused by the latter.

Finally, when all is said and done, Manny decides to find out a bit more about Kai. The healer’s ability to return supernaturals to their previous human status is a game-changer and discovering Kai’s agenda will be a massive part of this season.


Midnight Mile

  • Though a minor character, Dawnette’s story arc—becoming a vampire to get past her run of bad luck—was a good reminder that, while we can’t change the past or things that happen to us, we can decide how we deal with it. It’s also a commentary on power and how it can affect those around us. It also re-emphasizes Lem’s own journey to a much more Zen-like existence and Olivia’s more confrontational disposition.
  • The vision Manny gets when he touches the headless demon in Kai’s study hints at centuries-old events. It seems as if Patience may be ignorant of her husband’s motivations and the discovery of his ulterior motives may be what drives her right into Manny’s arms; their rapport during the Baker haunting was unmistakable.
  • Though he has only a small amount of screen time, it seems as if events are starting to unfold that will put Joe at the forefront down the road. His brief but powerful chemistry with Walker last week and subsequently ignoring the demon hunter’s calls, not to mention picking up the mysterious blade from Bobo hints that Joe’s past will come back to roost.