Since her debut three years ago, Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, has become one of the most popular young superheroes in comics, by tapping into that “Young Peter Parker” vibe that made his earliest Stan Lee/Steve Ditko comics such a hit back in the sixties.  Perhaps more importantly, as a Pakistani-American Muslim, Ms. Marvel is one of the rare heroic depictions of a Middle Eastern character in any medium.  And now she’s transcending the world of comics and making her animated debut on this weekend’s episode of ‘Avengers: Ultron Revolution’ which airs on Disney XD at 7:30am EST on Sunday mornings.

In the comics, Ms Marvel is currently part of Tony Stark’s ‘All New, All Different Avengers’ team, along with fellow teen heroes Nova (Sam Alexander) and Spider-Man (Miles Morales), but all three are due to depart that team to found a new version of ‘The Champions’.  Even so, Kamala is known to be joining the animated ‘Avengers’ next season as a regular member.

In the following clip from this weekend’s new episode, Ms. Marvel is shown fighting alongside Captain America and Tony Stark.

Ms. Marvel, who has shape-shifting abilities, has become a rallying figure for Islamic Americans and her image was used to counter anti-Muslim propaganda in San Francisco.  President Barack Obama mentioned the character when speaking to a group of women at the White House.  Her comic book has won numerous awards and Marvel announced a prose novel featuring the character due for publication in 2017.  She has already appeared in various video games including ‘LEGO’s Marvel’s Avengers’ available on different platforms.

There have been rumors that the character might be brought to live action on a series on ABC, which currently airs ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ but has struggled to find a fitting companion program.

Are you a fan of ‘Avengers: Ultron Revolution’?  Or will you be checking it out for the first time to see Kamala Khan in action?

Source: iO9