The big event for the CW’s slew of DC superhero shows this year is the massive, 4-series cross-over event that they have been planning, and it seems the creative forces behind the show are just as excited for the big event as the fans are. While sitting down with recently, ‘Arrow’ Executive Producer Wendy Mericle shared some information about the upcoming crossovers that is sure to get fans pumped for the upcoming season: Biggest news is that. according to Mericle, the plan is definitely to have the cross over happen chronologically:

“Yes we [have a loose plan] for the crossover. It’s loose, but we know that it will go in order for the week, you know, Supergirl [Monday], Flash [Tuesday], Arrow [Wednesday], Legends [Thursday]. That’s the loose plan right now.”

She is also extremely excited about the possibilities for each show now that they all exist side-by-side, and can share characters and plot lines:

“It opens up so many story telling possibilities, you have all sorts of things you can play with now that we didn’t have before. If it was still just Arrow, we wouldn’t be going back to the basics; we never would’ve moved away from the basics in a lot of ways! Flash opened doors for Metas, and they can do time travel – we’re not doing that though! It is challenging because it gives you more to balance, more to process, but it’s more than outweighed by the fact you have so many more ways to tell stories than you did three or four seasons ago.”

As to her favorite of the heroes they now get to play with over on the CW, she is very clear below:

“I mean, I love Supergirl. How can you not? I love all those guys, but she’s the first female superhero appearing in her own [modern] show!”

What are your thoughts about the crossover event, and all of these shows sharing the same world? Is it too convoluted for the average viewer? Or is it nice to see a show and network trusting to the intelligence of its audience to figure things out? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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