She doesn’t look a day over 30, but Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th birthday this year.  She first swooped into pop culture in the pages of ‘All-Star Comics’ #8, dated December 1941, created by psychiatrist William Moulton Marston and illustrated by Harry G. Peter.  In honor of this anniversary, the U.S. Postal Service is issuing a full set of Wonder Woman Forever Stamps.

Check them out below:


The stamps will be available on October 7th and depict Wonder Woman in four different ages.  The first style, on the bottom is by H.G. Peter and depicts her as she appeared on the cover of her first headlining comic book, ‘Sensation Comics’ #1 (often cited erroneously as her first appearance).

The other stamps depict her as she appeared in the Silver, Bronze and Modern Ages.  The art glosses over some pretty major periods of the character’s history.  (No George Perez?)  But then again, this is a mass market item and not something created especially for fan boys and girls so edits had to be made.  The most recent design shows her drawn by Cliff Chiang for the New 52.

These being Forever Stamps they are valid… well, forever regardless of postage rates increases.  This is good because I think I use about five stamps a year and they’re all for Christmas cards.  Then again, for comic fans, these are probably more of a collectible item, not something they’ll actually use.

Wonder Woman has previously appeared on two USPS stamps in 2006 as part of a DC Comics series which also featured Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Plastic Man, Supergirl and Superman, each of whom had two stamps, one portrait and one cover image.  (Oh right!  That one was by George Perez.)  (There was a companion set featuring Marvel Comics heroes.)

Do you still send snail mail?  Will you be slapping a Wonder Woman stamp on your next utility bill?

Source: C-Net