With ‘Doctor Strange’ appearing on Blu-ray at the end of the month, Marvel will be conjuring up a good number of bonus features for the home video release of their magical hit, which will of course include a number of scenes that did not make the final theatrical cut of the film, in addition to other goodies such as a Director’s Commentary, bloopers, and making of documentaries. When director Scott Derrickson was asked about which of the many deleted scenes were the hardest to cut from the film, he gave the following answer:

“I really liked those scenes and I think everyone did a good job on them. [But] they weren’t hard to cut. We tested the movie with and without them. It wasn’t just about the audience’s reaction, it was really how the movie felt. Pauline Kael used to always talk about the director needing to know where the audience wants to be, and at that point of the movie, the audience didn’t want to be jumping around, they wanted to stay with Strange, who’s on this very interesting, very personal, and very dramatic journey. The intrusion of those scenes was breaking up the soul of the movie in a way that just wasn’t necessary. We didn’t need it. When we removed them, we found that we lost very little, and we gained more power in the major arc of the character. So, it was a pretty easy choice in the end.”

The scene that Marvel has released from the Blu-Ray this week features Kaecilius and his followers summoning Dormammu for the first time, and gaining access to his power, which we see them use later in the film. It is an important scene, but not necessarily one that was essential to our understanding of the plot of the film, as we kind of inferred that something like this happened anyway, and did not need to actually see it to know what was going on, so it made sense why it did not make the final cut.

Check out the deleted scene for yourself below, and share your thoughts on it in the comments section!

Source: EW