Wonder Woman

Even though the film didn’t feature a specifically-shot mid- or end-credits scene, the animated end-credits sequence from the ‘Wonder Woman’ film is a thing of beauty.  Thanks to a recent interview with director Patty Jenkins by film-credit-centric site Art of the Title, we can now enjoy the amazing sequence from the comfort of our own device’s screen.

Do make sure to head over to the Art of the Title website and read the in-depth review with not only Jenkins but other members of her team as well, including Art Director Amanda Koh, Executive Producer Megan Hamilton, and special-effects company Greenhaus GFX Creative Director Jason Doherty.  As Jenkins herself says in the interview:

“The title sequence almost became the end of the movie in a beautiful way. You’re right at a moment when you wish you had more and it becomes more. It carries forward the story in a way. What the final moment of the film is best at is saying “Now there’s Wonder Woman, now Wonder Woman is born.”

The movie is the journey all the way to Wonder Woman and it’s only at that final moment that she steps into the world and becomes our Wonder Woman. And so having that kind of comic book-style recap of the myth of Wonder Woman — you just saw the story but this is the myth of who she is — it felt like a really great way to be like “now she’s this and this is her backstory!”

Here’s the film’s end-title sequence in all its glory.  If you haven’t seen the film in theaters yet – what are you waiting for?

‘Wonder Woman’ is currently playing in theaters.